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Small Dog Claw Nails

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Small Dog Claw Nails


Protecting the Expensive Antiques from Pet with Small Dog Claw Nails

Running and scratching is the normal behaviour of all dogs. You can’t stop it but by using dog nails caps, you can easily avoid the damage caused by the naughty behaviour of your dog. Our company, Cool Dogs offers the finest quality of nail caps which protects your dear pet’s nails and floor boards from harmful scratching.



Effective and Useful Small Dog Claw Nails

Small Dog Claw Nails are very comfortable when worn by your pet and comes in a 20 caps set with 1 tube of glue. These caps work for a maximum time up to 8 weeks without any problem to your dogs. It prevents your house floor, precious furniture and luxury items from the unwanted damages done by your lovable dog. It is very effective and specially designed to protect your family members from your pet’ssharp claws. The scratching done by the dogs can cause harmful and serious problems to anyone. These Small Dogs Claw nails are very easy to apply and your dog will not feel irritated or uneasy by wearing it.

Small Dog Claw Nails are available in different sizes as listed below-:

XS (for 0 to 2.5kg )

S (for 2.5 to 5kg)

M (for 5 to 7.5kg)

L (for 7.5 to 10kg)

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Small Dog Claw Nails