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Chocolate Martini Dog Collar

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Chocolate Martini Dog Collar


Martini dog collar for your handsome dog!!

While looking for different dogs accessories, you will come across different kinds of collars, leashes, clothing and other accessories. If your search for a nice dog collar is not over then grabbing the chocolate martini dog collar would be the wisest choice. It has stirred the market with its uniqueness and astounding features.

Extraordinary pattern and the design of chocolate martini dog collar

Available in different colours, this collar will give a very special look to your pet whether it’san adorable poodle or that masculine German shepherd. The chocolate colour of the collar looks vibrant and astounding with those orange and blue coloured circles of different sizes look extremely wonderful and fantastic. Also, there are different colours which are available in this martini dog collar including red, orange, blue, pink, and purple.


Different sizes available in this dog collar are as follows:-

XS – Fits 8 – 12 “, Width 5/8 ”

S – Fits 10 – 14 “, Width 3/4 ”

M – Fits 12 – 18 “, Width 1”

L – Fits 14 – 25 “, Width 1”

XL – Fits 18 – 28 “, Width 1.5”

Exclusiveness of chocolate martini dog collar

This collar is printed on fade resistant, tough polyester canvas which has been recycled. It has been fabricated in USA and is very comfortable when worn. This collar has durable nylon backing and will easily fit according to the contours of your pet’s body. The side buckles are there to keep maintain control on your pet.

So, get this collar and don’t forgetto have a look at those matching leashes at our store!! Have a happy time with your pet!!

Chocolate Martini Dog Collar