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Wildflower Collar


Wildflower dog collar is exclusively designer

Do you want to your dog to look stylish among the other dogs? Choose this unique and exclusive designer wild flower collar for your lovable dog. Our company, Cool dogs offers the newest, latest and the most extraordinary & stylish Wild flower type dog collars for all types of dogs. We are known for the finest dog accessories and customer satisfaction within our industry.


Wildflower Dog collar- made by US professionals

These Wild flower dog collars are one of the latest and most unique dog collars in our collection which is made by the US professionals of Harry Barker. These Collars have been manufactured by using high quality 100% recycled plastics. There are no harmful petro-chemicals used in it. At present, we offer 4 different colors of wild flower dog collars which are Blue, pink/brown, and red/tan. It is very beautifully designed and provides the wild,elegant looks to your pet. Equipped with release buckles which are very strong and made by the 100% certified recycled plastic. The ergonomic material of the buckles provides the ultimate comfortable fitting to your pet.You can easily wash and dry it in a machine.Weather you have a little cute pooch or strong bold German shepherd, it is suitable for all types of dog breeds and available in different sizes as listed below.

Small: 8” – 14” and 3/4” webbing(width)

Medium: 12” – 20” and 1” webbing(width)

Large: 16” – 26” and 1” webbing(width)

Varieties of matching leashes of dog collars are also available at our store. You can visit our website and explore more of the newest and latest collections.

Wildflower Collar