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Dog Cooling Mat XL

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Dog Cooling Mat XL


Yes it’s finally here, a dog/pet cooling mat that is Waterless! It consists of a gel that keeps your pets cool. This new cutting edge dog cooling mats works without refrigeration, electricity of water. All you need for this cooling mat to work is the weight of your dog or pet. That simple!

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The dog cooling mat is weight or pressure activated. As soon as your dog friend lies down the cooling effect starts. It will last up for hours of constant use and will last for years.

Finally it automatically recharges itself when not in use – yes, you do nothing.

Gone are those days of out the mats in water to cool them. These mats can be used on the floor, bed or car or beach.

Product Specifications:

Size: Specifications(cms): (XL) Length 90 cm * Width 50 cm * Thickness 10 cm

Product features:

1. No Water, No Refrigeration or No Electricity
2. Weight Activated
3. Lasts for years
4. Helps prevent over heating & dehydration
5. Cools & Soothes
6. Perfect for cars, beach, floor or beds
7. Lightweight, portable and folds easily
8. Sturdy construction – made of strong double layer PVC Coated Nylon
9. 100% non-toxic, odourless, harmless and easy to clean.

This Cooling Mat is filled with Polyurethane foam filler / CMC / polymer absorber (polymers) that remain cool when the pet sits/sleep on the mat.

Finally don’t forget using these Cooling mats will save you dollars on cooling costs in summer and keep your dog happy, healthier and stronger for longer. A small investment for a huge benefit to one of your own.

Dog Cooling Mat XL

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