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Boardwalk Retractable Dog Lead

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Boardwalk Retractable Dog Lead


Walk time will never be easier than with the help of these brightly colored Guardian Gear® Boardwalk Retractable Dog Leads. Featuring completely captivating designs, these retractable leads have everything an owner could want.

Bright, fun colors and patterns add an enticing touch to these Guardian Gear® Boardwalk Retractable Dog Leads.


– Easy to use device features a thumb lock breaking system
– 14.5 feet of cord with 1.5 feet of reflective belt
– Black metal swivel clip

Material: ABS shell, nylon belt
For dogs up to 20 kgs

Directions for Use:

To lock the leash in place: push the brake button forward until it locks in place.
To release leash: pull back on the brake button.

Keep the leash free of sand and dirt to ensure smooth operation. If the leash gets dirty, pull it all the way out of the housing and lock it in the open position, wash and dry it, then retract the leash back into the housing. Check pet’s collar prior to attaching the leash to ensure that collar is securely in place. If the collar suddenly breaks, push the lock button to stop the leash from retracting and turn head to avoid injury to eyes. Do not allow dog to bite or chew the leash. This product should only be used as a walking leash. It is not designed to be a stationary leash.

WARNING: Do not open casing. Not recommended for children.

Boardwalk Retractable Dog Lead