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Tug – A – Jug with Rope

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Tug – A – Jug with Rope


Busy buddy is an innovative toy which helps your dogs learn and play. That is really an “Intellectual and Playful” toy. Dogs have a hunger to be praised by their owners so the play may be passive and simple.

Using this Busy buddy makes dogs aggressively take food from it to eat as much as possible while learning and playing.This is a totally new toy which you can use to train and learn with your dog.


– Stimulates your pet’s sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste.
– Food comes from inside while moving the rope.
– Rope can be used as dental floss.
– Can chew the bottle mouth.
– Easily place/remove the bottom so that you can put in/take out food and clean easily
– Owner and dog play tug-ofwar.

The Tug-a-Jug™ is designed to appeal to all 5 senses! It’s not just a treat-dispensing toy; it can also be used to play obedience games or to feed meals. Dogs love to tug and roll this toy around the house.

• Extra-small size made specifically for the smaller dogs and puppies
• Keeps your dog busy while rewarding with treats or kibble
• Made of a durable, safe, bulletproof plastic
• Available in 3 sizes: Extra-small, Small and Medium/Large
• Dishwasher safe/ top rack

Sizing Guide;

X-small for breeds under 6kgs
Small for breeds under 18kgs
Large for breeds over 18kgs

Tug – A – Jug with Rope