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Barkardi Rum


Making my dog happy with exclusive barkardi rum toy!!

Our company, Cool Dogs stocks the best toys which are apt for keeping the pet busy and happy. There are many toys available with this but if you are looking for something really unique and playful toy for your lovely pet then check out this Barkardi rum bottle. The wide range of our dog plush toys has set a landmark with their uniqueness and quality. This bottle toy will keep your naughty dog engaged and he will have fun in playing with it.


Unique feature of the toy

This barkardi rum toy has been made with the finest material and is very durable. The material used to manufacture this toy is polyester and cotton. It has got a little squeaker inside so that, you dog keeps himself busy with it. But, try not giving this toy to large dogs because they would not be much gentle with it as small dogs would be. If your large dog promises to be gentle then you can present him this barkardi rum.

This bottle toy has been especially designed keeping in mind the interests of dogs. Dogs like attractive and new toys so that, they can pamper themselves. We have designed this bottle in a unique way. The light greenish color and the bottle shape of this toy will gain the attention of your dog and will keep him engaged and happy. Get this toy and make your pet joyful!!

Barkardi Rum