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Ipawnema flip flop

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Ipawnema flip flop


Ipawnema flip flop- keeping your dog rejuvenated!!

Dogs are the most playful animals and when they get some attractive toys, they become more joyful and happy. Keeping the nature of pets in mind, our company, Pink Paws has emerged with a large variety of dog toys. Among all the dog toys that we offer, Ipawnema flip flop is very popular and is high in demand.


Uniqueness of Ipawnemaflip flop

Many dogs have a habit to play with slippers at home. They chew them and find pleasure in playing with them. Ff you also have a such a naughty dog then give him or her the Ipawnema flip flop and let then play with it instead of those dust layered unhygienic slippers. This toy has been specially designed in a slipper so that, it keeps your pet busy and engaged all day long. The black and white colored base of this flip glop has made it very unique while the pink strap has made it unique. It has been made with cotton and polyester and the squeaker present inside it will keep your dog engaged in it.

With this Ipawnema flip flop, your dog can play, chew, throw and have fun with it. If you will let your larger dogs play with it then it’s sure that they are not going to play with it in a gentle manner so, it’s better to keep it reserved for your sweet and cuddly pets.

So, what are you waiting for?? Start browsing our site and check out all the different types of dog toys which we are offering.

Ipawnema flip flop