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Snuggle Bear Puppy Blankets

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Snuggle Bear Puppy Blankets

Our dog Zanies® Snuggle Bear Puppy Blankets are warm, cute, snuggly soft, and perfect for puppies. Contains a squeaker.

Every pup loves to cuddle on these cozy Zanies® Snuggle Bear Puppy Blankets. Helps ease separation anxiety in newly-weaned pups and gives older dogs comfort and security.

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1. Each pet blanket is made of soft fleece in pastel colors
2. Features a friendly face and arms to nuzzle and a warm blanket body to snuggle
3. Contains a squeaker in the head

Available in Baby Blue, Princess Pink, and Honey Yellow.

Material: Polyester, Fleece
Size: Each blanket is 38 cms
Colors: Baby Blue, Princess Pink, Honey Yellow
Care: Machine wash, gentle cycle, cool temperatures. Machine dry on low or no heat, or line dry.

Snuggle Bear Puppy Blankets

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Yellow, Pink, Blue