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Big Dog TUFFY’s Bowmerang

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Big Dog TUFFY’s Bowmerang


Feel your pet special with TUFFY’s Bowmerang

To make your dogs happy and active, get some exciting toys from us. Dogs love spending time with those things which keep them engaged and happy. Bowmerang is one of the playful toys of our store for your lovely pet. This unique toy will keep your dog busy and he will love to play with it.


Best toy to keep your doggy healthy and fit

Big Dog TUFFY’s Bowmerang is made up of the superior quality of materials for long lasting durability. At the same time, one or multiple dogs can play with it. It can be used as fly ball training for your pet. It comes with the soft edges which won’t hurt the teeth and gums of your pet. TUFFY’s Bowmerang is the best indoor game to have fun and enjoy with your doggy for long hours. The stylish design and colour of the toy is very attractive which attracts the attention of your pet. Don’t worry for the cleanliness of the toy, it is easily washable. This toy is suitable option for the big dogs which are having weight more than 10 kg. This Bowmerang is available in one size of 10 x 10 x 2 with 4 squeakers.

Big Dog TUFFY’s Bowmerang