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Two Edged Rope Toy

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Two Edged Rope Toy


Exciting Gift Toy for Your Pet

Do you want some new and exciting toys for your dog? Or, you want to express your love to your dearest pet by gifting some toys? Our company provides the most unique and stylish toys to keep your playful doggy busy and happy. Two Edged Rope Toy is one of the most unique and demanded toy because of its stylish design and colourful appearance which attracts your pet


Two Edged Rope Toy is very durable

Two Edged Rope Toy is manufactured by using the strongest materials which are very durable. Dogs love those toys which they can easily chew. This toy is good for chewing and helps in cleaning teeth and gums of dogs. It is made up of hundred percent of soft cotton which works for long periods of time.The greenish and blue tennis ball attached with the colorful rope looks very nice and attracts the attention of your pet. This Two Edged Rope Toy keeps your dearest buddy happy and busy for long hours. It is available in one size of 13.5 meters. Whether you have little pooch, Boxer or any other breed, this toy is suitable for every dog. You can enjoy the fun time with your adorable pet by this toy.

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Two Edged Rope Toy