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i-Click Clicker

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i-Click Clicker


Dog Clicker Training Aid

This dog i-clicker training aid fits easily round your wrist for use when training your dogs.

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Product Features:

• Brand new and high quality.
• Excellent ergonomic design and comfortable to hold.
• Good training aid tool for your pets.
• Small enough to be hidden in your palm.
• Raised button design to activate the click.
• Develop your relationship with your pets through teaching and training them.
• Wrist strap design.
• Great for training Obedience/HTM/Agility.
• Can be also used under your foot.

Package Includes:
• 100% Brand New
• 1 x Pet Training Clicker

Other Product Information
• Item size: 62*31*22 mm
• Net weight: 18g
• Package weight: 27g

How does Clicker Training Work?

Clicker training is when a trainer uses a clicker to mark desired behaviors as they occur.

At the exact instant the animal performs the desired behavior, the trainer clicks and promptly delivers a food reward or other reinforcer.

Since its introduction, clickers have been used to assist in training at least 140 species including whales, bears, lions, chickens and domestic dogs, cats, and even humans.

Animals that have been trained with a classic box clicker completely understand the lighter sound of the Clicker.

The Clicker has been designed to let you click no matter how you happen to grab hold of it.

Upside down click, sideways click, right side up click. You can click with your thumb, with your palm, your foot or even with your gloves on!

You can drop the Clicker on the floor (it will land in a clickable position) and click with your foot.

The trigger has been engineered so that a small amount of pressure is all you need. It is just so easy!

i-Click Clicker

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