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Stop Bark Collar

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Stop Bark Collar


Product Description:

This Bark Stop Collar is an advanced behaviour modification device designed to help train your dog to stop barking. Bark Stop Collar Water Resistant design is built to stand the toughest abuse. With Bark Stop Technology, depending on your dogs learning ability, your dog's barking should decrease over time and in some cases almost immediately and you won't have to worry about the device becoming damaged because of a little water. This is the world's first water resistant bark control product available.

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• Water resistant Construction
• Adjustable Stretch Collar
• UltraSonic and Audible selections
• On/Off Button
• Triggers Accurately by Bark Vibration

How does it work?

• Works by sending out an ultrasonic signal that only dogs can hear when activated by the barking.
• Adjustable stretch collar to fit different sizes of dog.
• Ultrasonic and audible mode selections.
• ON/OFF buttons
• Red light working indicator.
• High and low modes ( high for big dogs, low for small dogs)
• Trigger accurately by bark vibration (cannot be activated by other dogs barking).
• Powered by 2x AG10 cell batteries (included).

Stop Bark Collar